Friday April 27th

Day before BayHac and a bug!

I’m going up to SF to attend BayHac tonight.

  • I’m pretty excited. My two mentors will be there!
  • I may sound like a broken record, but that’s usually because I’m pretty excited.
  • I’m listening to an Avicii tribute livestream and going through CodeWorld documentation

And..I found a bug!

  • Well, I think I did. And I know how to fix it, too!
  • Maybe they broke it on spite to take pity on my n00bness! :D
  • That’s okay, too!

  • It said a value was not in scope, and had a type of Number, so I put in a number in its place..and it worked :D

I had to set up my CLA

  • Basically, for Google Open Source projects, you need to sign a license that says it’s okay to use your contribution. It also specifies if the contrib is being made by request of yourself (as an individual) or as a part of an entity (eg company).

  • And, I made a pull request which was accepted! Yeahhh!!! :D

Bear with me…I probably won’t do this ever again!

  • So this is pretty commemorative :D
  • I’m dancing right now :D

Oh, here are some other fun things I made along the way learning today :D

  • and the code

And a mouse :D

Heading to BayHac tonight!

  • See you in Haskell-land!
Written on April 27, 2018