Friday August 17th

My first RustConf!

What a day!

  • I’m exhausted. The funny thing is, I’m getting up tomorrow to go the Farmer’s Market and a Hack day! I had a lot of fun today! I can’t even explain it all, but I met so many people, and I even made it into two talks! (including the keynote!). I just had a great time at this conference!
  • Oh, I’m also in a video! I was interviewed for the conference, too! :D Manish went out of his way in the middle of the craziness to also make sure I was having a good time. It was just really conscientious of them. I’m really thankful they were so welcoming to me. I had fun at this conference, and it was the right size.

Here are some photos!

  • view from conference

  • Arshia introduces Steve

  • I’m in the keynote, Ma! :D. Nikos, Aaron and Ashley did the keynote.

  • Using Rust for space craft. Kubos made a product called kubOS that uses Rust. Spoke about challenges of using it and the space industry.

  • Embedded Rust talk! (microcontrollers)

  • Lunch

  • Rust in Tor

  • Interesting because they were working on codebase which was written in both Rust and C, and spoke about having (or wanting) global allocation properties between the two bases.

  • Turtle library talk. I’d like to contribute to this!

  • Sarah’s talk! She even gave me a shout-out :D

  • Chris Wong’s talk on Macros. I realized afterwards he was part of our group that stayed up until 10:45pm last night in the bar for the Facebook party. He is lfairy on github

  • His talk was interesting because he spoke about how the compiler interprets things like spans.

  • Job board

  • A group of us went out for ramen afterwards

  • Among our group was a Nick, who works at Mozilla Research, and Nick’s wife, Jeena, and a researcher who is doing his PhD candidacy at a school with an advisor I am seriously considering. So it was lovely to ask him questions and get more information about his application process and his current experience. He seems to be enjoying it very much.

  • Finally..back to my swanky room..I decided to do the fake hot-tub thing and had the most glorious bath-tub experience!

  • Best Rust Conf ever! (well, first Rust Conf ever, too!)

That’s it!

Written on August 17, 2018