Friday August 24th

New project


  • I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I felt in a bit of a rut when I got back to LA. I’ve just been feeling “not good enough”, because I’m back at my part-time, not doing what I exactly want to do. An engineer from a nearby aerospace company saw me during lunch period and immediately asked if I was a programmer. I said yes, and then I said what I was actually doing, and his advice made me laugh. I won’t repeat it, because…internet :D I’ve moved into doing something a little more interesting, but it’s not really my scene because the people aren’t really developers. It’s kind of bummed me out. And I don’t care what someone does for a living..we can all be scooping up poop… but they also don’t seem interested at all in code or programming. There’s one guy, but that’s about it, and I’m not close to him or anything. I’ve tried to suggest a lunch and learn or something after work, but alas…I guess it is what it is. It’s disappointing that the passion for coding is just not there. It’s different when you’re around developers and they’re excited about a library they were looking up, or some solution to a problem…or something.
  • I was moved to a floor that I really like, though. It’s away from my peers and with a few people with more experience, and I liked their temperament a lot more. So I wouldn’t mind staying on this floor :D I think they moved me after I said on the general channel TIL that lynx is one of the smallest browsers ever written and contains 170 000 lines of code. I think it freaked people out. No one had anything to say after that, except for that one guy who seems to have an interest and he mentioned the Linux Kernel. But the conversation sort of died after that lol.

I’ve been musing

  • Since I got back from Portland, I’ve sort of been obsessed by how browsers are made. I don’t know why (or at least, I can’t remember). I spoke with Gabe about it today, when he asked what was next for me, and if I had any projects in mind. I had three, but I was clearly excited when I mentioned the browser project.
  • What I liked was that he didn’t discourage me and tell me it was way out of my league, but actually encouraged me to do that one because he said I’d learn a lot and the fact that I was really interested in it meant I would keep at it. I loved that! What a great mentor! :D
  • Soon, we were both giddily talking about things I could work on to get started, and how to go about it. It was really fun!
  • So this blog post will be derailed a bit to talk about browsers and to talk about things I’m going to learn along the way. A lot of failure will also ensure.
  • The interesting thing is that I’ve found a lot of things on building it in C++, and even a tutorial in Rust, but not much (that I’m aware) in Haskell. Doesn’t matter, though! :D

Oh, I start class next week

  • I’m taking discrete structures and Advanced Data Structures. Graph algos and stuff. I honestly am planning to rewrite most of the C++ stuff in Rust and Haskell. Take that, professor! LOL.

And that’s about it!

Written on August 24, 2018