Friday December 21st

L’Space Academy Opportunity

I’m participating in L’Space in 2019

What it means

  • It’s not for credit but it’s a programme meant for undergrads where we spend 1.5 hours a week being mentored by NASA scientists and engineers, and we have a group project to do with a team of other students (that should be in the neighbourhood of 6 to 8 hours a week of work). It’s all done Virtually, although I may have some CAD and stuff to do (we will be given a design challenge that is mission-specific, and have to work out the details with our team, under mentorship). At the end, we get a certificate!

  • It’s a great opportunity for me, particularly because it is exactly research experience, and in a team setting! So score! It starts January 17th.

I went to the Chinese Lights Festival yesterday

  • My Norwegian niece is in town, so we all went to the event and I even saw Shadow puppets and stuff like that. It was a lot of fun! But tiring. I have limited energy these days, especially for crowds.

A couple things are up in the air for me

  • I am waiting to hear back from some stuff, so that I can really plan my New Year. So hopefully soon. There’s just a lot going on right now, but we’ll see how it all goes. I have most of the things I can control in order, kind of sort of…

Oh, and I started the dependent types book

  • Yeah, started Little Typer. I wasn’t feeling so well this week, so I didn’t do much in terms of working on the open source project, but hope to get around to starting this weekend. Was pretty much in bed for most of the day yesterday and today, pretty sick. I almost cancelled yesterday evening, but it was only for a couple hours. I pretty much took a lot of antibiotics and was barely okay. Slept in today. I feel a lot better after resting today, though.

That’s about it for me

  • Oh, I also joined the ACM Climate Wikipedia team. So I’ll be responsible for helping update the Wiki pages for that, and possible research and data analysis.

  • Back to drinking a lot of orange juice, coconut water and watching PCB-repair videos! :)

Written on December 21, 2018