Friday January 14th

The Day before She Left

It’s always heartbreaking

  • There’s something about this place that just resonates with me, and I am split in half every time I have to leave. It’s like your heart and head are split in two. The people who keep me grounded are here. One of my friends, who I’ve known since 2002, said that he recognized that my family and certain people in my life keep me grounded; that was what was real to me. That’s always been really important to me, and why I can’t spend too long without going back. But for now, I have things to do, and goals I would like to achieve, so off I go in a few hours.

Here are some things I did this week!

  • (Chapter 6) (Continuity)
    • The Hiker Problem
    • Uniform Continuity
  • (Chapter 7) (Derivatives)
    • Chain Rule
    • Topologist’s Sine Curve
    • Local Minimums and Maximums
    • Fermat’s theorem
    • Darboux’s theorem
    • Rolle’s Theorem
    • The derivative mean value theorem
    • L’Hopital’s Rule
    • Cauchy mean value theorem

We had Number Theory seminar this week!

And here are some places I went this week!

This is a panorama of a place in Maracas Valley.

  • I don’t do them pretty frequently, as you can tell!

My aunt sent us some of these, randomly

These were in her yard

They’re pretty!

A view

More rolling hills

And More

A random building that looks like a boat

One of my cousins has a Shar Pei. I’m in love!

One of my neighbours has an amusement park, apparently!

  • I’ve heard it’s free for us (who live here) to use. Strange.
  • I’m not even kidding; it’s their house, but uh..also an amusement park, or something.

Cassava, bok choy and “salsa” with stewed white salmon

Lobster, “oil down” aka breadfruit and callaloo

Yeah, so I had fun

  • It was fun to see everyone, and a part of me is sad that I have to leave. I have to do the thing where I cry all the way to Miami now.
  • But by Miami, I’ll be all good and ready to get back at working. And I’m excited for my classes and to meet up with my Maths friends and work on research! I did some work over break, and once I got into it, I realized that I really did enjoy it, and it was easy to lose track of time.
  • I’m happy this is the first time in a while that I really set aside some time to rest (even though I did work on some stuff). I had recruitments from companies (once the working year started back for them) on every day, numerous people emailing me and reaching out, but I had to, just this time draw some clear boundaries, and I felt good about being able to do that for myself and for my family. I can’t believe I even had a recruiter reach out to me the evening before Christmas. I still haven’t responded. Boundaries are great, especially for the opportunity to recharge.
  • Family and friends are awesome; they remind you of who you are, what your values are, and that it’s okay to be yourself.

And that’s it!

Written on January 14, 2022