Friday July 21st

Next seven days…

I hung out with my mentor last night!

  • he works at JPL, and gave me a few articles to read, as well as a radar photograph of Maxwell Montes!

I have a lot going on

  • Writing a proposal for a technical talk for submittal. It’s for a functional programming conference (of course!) (goal…finish this weekend)

  • Continuing with my Nanodegree. I also was contacted about mentoring some of my peers, for a chance of getting another scholarship. (goal..finish next few weeks)

  • I have a Project-a-thon. All weekend, people in our Nanodegree will be working together and helping each other on our projects. (goal: finish this weekend)

  • Also, JPL did a webinar for a few of us for our next steps… I need to watch that (can be done tonight)

  • In the middle of that, I have to meet with my group… to discuss how far along we are in our project, and to finish up stuff for our presentation the next Sunday. (goal: finish meeting, and continue working on my portion)

TL;DR (to be done - specific / per day)

  • JPL webinar (Friday evening)
  • do Project-a-thon (Saturday Morning)
  • go to Meeting (Saturday afternoon/ evening)
  • Talk for Submittal (Saturday/ Sunday)
  • Sailing (Sunday..all day :) )
  • Tuesday (interviewing event)
  • Wednesday (SF recruiting event)
  • Saturday/Sunday (DEF CON)

TL;DR (to be done - week)

  • Make sure talk proposal is submitted
  • Mon to Friday (Final team project presentation, etc finish)
    • Friday meeting (possibly)
    • final presentation
    • Heroku deploy
    • update with live Link
  • Nanondegree section finish and start working on project

Next week

  • I’m doing a speed-recruiting event, where there will be 20 employers or so. It’s an opportunity to meet them, and they can meet me, and if they’re interested, follow up.

  • I go to SF for a machine learning/ recruiting event. So how about that? 21 interviews in two days? :)

  • Oh, and then there’s DEF CON that weekend (upcoming). Yes, I’m going from SF to Vegas, all in the same week!


  • Yes, there will be sailing. Sailing out of Redondo this Sunday! Never did that before, so that should be interesting! The crew looks pretty experienced, so it should be a learning experience and a lot of fun for me.

Random katas

  • Makea band name : if it ends in the same letter with which it begins, repeat as: word = “potop” “Potopotop” word = “potato” else make it “The Potato”
function bandNameGenerator(str) {
  if (str[0].toLowerCase() == str[str.length - 1].toLowerCase())
    return str[0].toUpperCase() + str.slice(1, str.length) + str.slice(1, str.length)
    return "The " + str[0].toUpperCase() + str.slice(1, str.length)
Written on July 21, 2017