Friday July 28th

Almost there…

I was tired today

  • The journey hit me. That being said, “Krystal-tired” is apparently most people’s level of energy, so I was still able to function.

Things I completed today

  • GHangouts meeting to get our plan of attack together, since we have a limited time to work tomorrow (presenting Sunday)
  • Got Heroku set up
  • Got app deployed (getting Postgresql errors that have to do with database permission; can fix tomorrow)
  • Got Postgresql installed on my Linux laptop (have been working between Desktop and Cloud9 previously)
  • All my other dependencies seem to be fine. That took a bit of debugging, but no worries.
  • Finished a Udacity course on Deploying with Heroku for good measure.
  • Watched a video on Gaussian Sampling from Microsoft Research


  • I also applied for a grant. I never think I’ll get any, of course, but say what. This one is local, so all I’d need is a conference ticket to attend.

  • I didn’t get a scholarship for another Nanodegree (that was a random drawing so it was luck, or lack thereof!), but one of my teammates did, so I was happy for her! There will be more drawings, and prizes, so there is still time! :) She works really hard so I’m excited to see what next she’ll pick! That being said, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have a lot of support and people looking out for me, so I’m just really grateful for everything!

Things to be done

  • Debug Deployment (not actual deployment, which I think is fine. The error is local (db)
  • I’ve finished the Presentation and the, but I may also update (if there is time) with install instructions
  • Continue Nanodegree and finish up this chapter (I have about 40 days to do this)

Other plans…

  • know me. So I got an invite to go to HP to see a new computer they’re working on. Their facility is in Palo Alto, so I think I’m going to that next week. It’s based on Memory Driven Computing

  • There is a great talk where they also talk about Distributed Mesh Computing

  • I was learning about it, and it’s fascinating. Mayyybe a bit overhyped, but come on, it’s SV, after all :)

Oh yeah..Interviews and stuff

  • I connected on a Slack account with a gentleman who works at a company that has a really slim rate of hiring. It’s not a Big Four company, but I am interested in companies like that, and what sort of tests they have. I think just as an engineer it’s good to know that stuff. I’d prefer to train on the harder stuff, than to be stumped unexpectedly on stuff I’d never prepared for.

Category Theory Group?

  • Yep, it’s true! We may be moving ahead with this. Phil made contact with me about this today. We just need to figure out a location, first time and interest, and get it going. He even has a text selected. Excellent. I’d very much like to be a part of that. Hopefully, it’s not on Wednesday, as I have class then until around December, but other than that, I should be all good to attend! I think it would make me a better engineer. And, it’s just interesting!


  • The most bizarre thing written in TeX. He wrote a controller for the Mars Rover in TeX (and he says “as opposed to C++ or Haskell, which I find funny..haha.. he’s one of us!” evil laugh

Things to do after Coding for Product workshop is done

  1. Immediately: Finish Nanodegree chapter
  2. Immediately: Work on Encryption/ Decryption Morse Code project (repo is up!)
  3. Long term: OpenGL C++ work
  4. Long term: Compiler (Python)
  5. Long term: Compiler (C++)
  6. Long term: Get back into Scala
  7. Long term: Continue with Haskell
  8. Long term: Category Theory study
  9. Long term: Learn a verification/proof language like Coq
  10. Long term: Try some Idris
  11. Long term: Mathematics / Combinatorics in general
  12. Long term: Get around to that Approximations Algorithms course (I and II) on Coursera.
  • Yes, I do realize this is a list for a lifetime…


  • Draw a box eg.

#   #
#   #
#   #


#  #
#  #


def draw_square(size):
    a = size * "#" + "\n"
    b = ("#" + ((size - 2) * " ") + "#") + "\n"
    c = size * "#"
    d = a + (b * (size - 2)) + c
    print d
    return d
  • square root
def square_root_me(sqrt):
    a = sqrt 
    arr = []
    for i in range(1, a):
      if (i * i == a):
    return arr[0]
  • Total from char codes ints = ints, capitals are A = 2, B = 4, letters common = a = 1, b = 2
function lettersToNumbers(s) {
    total = 0
    for (var i = 0; i < s.length; i++)
      if ((s.charCodeAt(i) >= 65) && (s.charCodeAt(i) <= 90)){
       total = total + ((s.charCodeAt(i) - 64) * 2) 
      else if ((s.charCodeAt(i) >= 97) && (s.charCodeAt(i) <= 122)){
       total = total + ((s.charCodeAt(i) - 96)) 
      else if ((s.charCodeAt(i) >= 48) && (s.charCodeAt(i) <= 58)){
       total = total + (parseInt(s[i])) 
        total = total + (0)
  • remove all lowercase as
function removeA(str) {

return str.replace(/['a']/g, '');

  • I think this one is broken, but oh well… this was my solution.
function golfScore(par, strokes) {
  return par, strokes
  • Get integers between numbers given
function range(startNum, endNum)   
 var arr = []
 for (var i = startNum+1; i < endNum; i++)
 return arr
  • is value in array?
function isInArray(value, array) {
  var arr = []
  for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++)
    if (array[i] == value){
  // if there is a true...
  if (arr.length > 0){
  • Find the Integral so (3, 2) would give “1x^3” because 2+1 = 3 and 3 / 3 = 1
function integrate(coefficient, exponent) {
  var b = exponent + 1.0
  var a = ((coefficient) * 1.0) / b
  return a.toString() + 'x^' + b.toString()


  • We completed our app, deployed it, I got my Certificate of completion, swag, career contacts, etc.
Written on July 28, 2017