Friday June 15th

GSoC and RustReach Day 33, race and 1st Eval!

We won our race!

  • By a long haul, we won our race. We smoked them! I was on jib sheets. Our next race is July 20th. I can’t wait :D

Sailing and Haskell builds

  • Are probably going to make me an alcoholic LOL. After our race today, about six people ordered Dark and Storm-ies, which is a sailor’s drink. I went for a glass of Zinfadel.

First evaluation

  • I passed! :D I’m pleased. They said that even though I was learning, I was a great communicator,
    very enthusiastic and a hard worker. Sounds about right! And I’m going to keep learning Haskell! :D
  • And so..I keep going!


  • I helped a student debug two problems today via my Udacity mentorship. I also had my meeting today with Mozilla. It was awesome because there were compiler people there. I’m considering attending RustBelt, too, considering I’ve never been to Ohio. But we’ll see.

I’m really tired

  • So I’m going to call it a night. I managed to get quite a few of the polyline and curve type functions to work using a list comprehension that Chris spoke about during our meeting. But I was getting stuck on ColoredText, so I need to work that out tomorrow.
  • My spelling is deteriorating…so it’s time to sleep.
Written on June 15, 2018