Friday June 22nd

GSoC and RustReach Day 40

The last day of PLDI

  • I had a lot of fun. I volunteered for supervising the last keynote. Apparently out of something like 117 accepted papers, we had only a handful of female speakers; like 4 percent or something. Yikes. I myself didn’t remember seeing any persons of colour at all, besides Michael, but he’s a professor and helped to run the mentorship workshop. Well, I can’t say this is the first activity I’ve been involved in like that. There’s sailing and rowing and all that other stuff (FP) that seems to not really have that many of us.

I missed Rust meeting

  • But Ashley is rescheduling it for Monday. So that worked out! I’m excited! :D
  • I also have a meeting with my mentor tomorrow.

I checked out

  • By 11:30am, and just kept my bag with the Concierge. I saw the talks on Verification and Types.
  • Alejandro (Book of Monads, LambdaConf) presented. I have to find his paper. It’s called “GHC Simple Impredictavity for Haskell” . William Bowman’s paper was also interesting, as was Justin Pombrio “Inferring type rules”. So I plan to read all those this week. I definitely feel better about applying and writing everything up.

We split an uber to the airport

  • My friend, Dio, along with two other friends of his and myself, ended up taking an Uber to the airport. It was a really great end to the conference. Everyone has been so nice, and it really felt like a fit. I don’t know how I’ll get into a program, but that’s a tale for another time.
  • Oh, I got back and my driver got me home within half an hour (score!). I saw that my friend from IO had written me back, and had given me some really great Philly recommendations. Alas, I’m back in LA, though. Next time.

I was able to push code up

  • To solve my intercalate problem I was having. So I’m just waiting on the final bit and then it’s off to the next part, which involves animations and a debugger slider that I’ll be working on. Exciting! :D It’s like game-programming in Haskell!

And I’m off to sleep.

Written on June 22, 2018