Friday June 30th

Happy Asteroid Day! (June 30th)

  • Today is Asteroid Day.

  • Tomorrow is 7/1/17…a Palindrome! Also..a concatenation of two primes!

This will probably contain notes for my weekend as well.


  • Swap values
def swap(a, b):
    temp = a
    a = b
    b = temp
    return a, b

Jacob calculate time

  • Unless the traffic speed is less than his time, calc dist as his dist / time
function trafficJam(trafficSpeed, jacobSpeed, dist){
  if (trafficSpeed < jacobSpeed){
    return dist / trafficSpeed;
    return dist / jacobSpeed;

Solve quadratic equation

  • It’s passing the kata in terms of the answer, but not the format :(
import math
def quadratic(a,b,c):

      quad = ((b * (-1)) + (math.sqrt((math.pow(b, 2)) - (4 * a * c)))) / (2 * a)
      quad1 = ((b * (-1)) - (math.sqrt((math.pow(b, 2)) - (4 * a * c)))) / (2 * a)
      arr = []
      if quad1 == quad:
        return quad1
      return quad1, quad
      return "No real solution"

Who will build the wall?

  • Ah…another kata trashing the President. How original…easy points.
function whoIsPaying(name){
  var arr = [];
  if (name.length <= 2){
    return arr;
    var trunc = name.substring(0,2);
    return arr;

Capitalize first letter in String

function capitalizeWord(word) {
  return word.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + word.slice(1);

Things to do

  • Finish Udacity Week Two (Sunday/ Monday/ Tuesday ) (due on July 14th)

Interested in learning more about

  • Herbrand’s Theorem

  • Conal Elliott’s “Teaching New Tricks to Old Programs” from YOW! Conferences. This contains a bit of what he spoke about in the Haskell talk we saw in the Bay in ‘16.

  • state monads

  • Symbolic differentiation & automatic differentiation differences : apparently the one I learned in high school is symbolic differentiation. It’s always stuck in my mind, as I found it fascinating. I am only now learning about Automatic differentiation. Conal thinks the only differences between the two are really that the compiler’s interpretation is in Automatic, which is interesting.

  • He says “derivative is a linear map. Derivatives are about affine approxmations.” Don’t think of them as a number. I’ve always thought of them as a rate of change (like stock fluctuations).

  • He suggests (for reading) Michael Spivak’s “Calculus on Manifolds” which has the concept that the “derivative of every linear function is itself”.


  • I’m going on a sailing trip to see Fireworks for July 4th!! Yessss!! :) ‘Murica!
Written on June 30, 2017