Friday June 8th

GSoC and RustReach Day 26

I have to head to sleep soon

  • So kind of a short post. But man, everyone’s burned out this week!
  • Chris worked with me to get my build working, so that was pretty great!
  • We should be meeting again on Monday, and I have an exam right before that, so I just have to complete my exam before my scheduled meeting time. Shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

I’m going to JPL tomorrow morning

  • Just for a brief time at the lab. It’s their Open House.
  • I have a RustReach meeting tomorrow with my mentor, so I timed it so I’ll make it back in time for that.
  • I also have a PureScript meeting, which I think I should be able to do a bit of, as well.

Saturday plan

  • I’m going to spend tomorrow evening working on Rust, and Sunday working on Haskell (all day).
  • Today, our Portal at work was down, because they were rebooting VMs, and so I used it as an excuse to learn Haskell. I started going through the CIS194 course on my own.
  • I’m sort of feeling like I have a lot to learn since I came back from LambdaConf. My mentor also mentioned the StateMonad, which I have heard briefly about but don’t know too much about. Plus, I’m just working through Haskell material as much as I can in general. It takes time to learn and there is a lot of failing.
  • I signed up for J’s book-club going through Haskellbook. I think that it would benefit me. I’m just really determined to keep working in Haskell. Even though it will be a struggle, I think there will be a way for me to do this full-time at some point, as long as I keep going.


  • I also watched Julie’s stream of Beginner Haskell at Zurihac. They streamed today here and tomorrow they’ll stream again, a continuation where they’ll go through Monads.

Things to do

  • Keep going with Haskell
  • Keep going with Rust
  • Make Blog post for GSoC

  • My first evaluation is coming up bites nails. I hope I can continue writing Haskell this summer! I love it, and am working to get better every day.
Written on June 8, 2018