Friday March 30th

PLDI and a little Haskell

Good News!

  • I’ve been accepted as a student volunteer for PLDI!.
  • This is fantastic news, as the conference is all about optimization of compilers, correctness, verfication and implementation of programming langauges and compiler design!
  • It’s also in Philadelphia, a city I’ve never visited! :D

And…A little Haskell

  • A brief post about this, since it was a little annoying.
  • Over the next week, I’m working through LYAH (I did it last year, but it’s surprising how much it looked like Greek back then compared to now!) and then continuing with Haskellbook.
  • In between, I’ll be making simple things like Text games that can be run on the command line and stuff like that in Haskell.
  • The goal is to work on buildable stuff in Haskell, and eventually work my way up to larger and larger code-bases in Haskell.
  • Oh, I also got Snoyman’s Yesod book, so I may post some of my work on that as well.

I was Haskelling along…

  • When suddenly…



  • I have to change the cabal file (note my project’s name is “my-haskell”)

  • Like so. Data.Map is part of a module called “containers”, so we’ll need to add that to our cabal build file.

  • Then stack build

  • Then stack ghci

  • Then…look at that…looks like it’s Chocolate Lambdas again! :D

I’ve actually discovered

  • I’m happiest working with FP languages, particularly with Haskell. When I’m stuck, I’m willing to spend the time to figure things out. It’s challenging but fun!
  • Oh, you can laugh at me all you like, this is using Stack on Windows :D
  • I have another machine at home that has Stack and Cabal on Linux, but this one has a nice big screen and it works, so…
  • Also, yeah, that is notepad++. It’s a stripped-down version of learning Haskell, which I’m OK with doing.

And so…

  • I have some stuff in the works, but I’ll roll them out as I find out more.
  • I’m spending my entire weekend doing Haskell. Next Saturday I have race training, but otherwise it’s all Haskell and preparing for my GRE.
  • Oh, there’s the LA PureScript meetup! I’m going to that on the 10th!
  • And I plan on attending both BayHac and LambdaConf, of course :D

Things of Note

And that’s about it!

Written on March 30, 2018