Friday May 12th

5/12/17 - Weekend of Homework

Random Kata

  • Find the num in the array with the most digits. If two nums have same number, return the first one.

My solution

def find_longest(arr):
      arr1 = []
      arr2 = []
      arr3 = []
      for i in arr:
      # push string to arr1
      # push length of string to arr2
      # find max of arr2
      g = max(arr2)
      # I could have done this better
      # basically matching max index with num in arr
      for i in arr:
        if len(str(i)) == g:
        # push that to array
      # if there are two values, return first one
      return arr3[0]


This one just had some ugly bugs (and code) to fix

function yourFutureCareer(career){
	  var career = Math.random();
		if (career <= 0.32) {
			return "FrontEnd Developer"
		else if (career <= 0.65) {
			return "BackEnd Developer"
		else {
			return 'Full-Stack Developer'


And another…Solution:

Check whether A and B can divide watermelons so each gets an even amount. Basically, you’re checking for an even number as long as number is > 2

def divide(weight):    
    if (weight % 2 == 0) and (weight != 2):
        return True
        return False

And another…Changing chars in Polish to English

It didn’t pass initially (three fails) because I had to replace every instance of that char, not just the first.

function correctPolishLetters (string) {
    string = string.replace(/ą/g,'a').



Validate code starts with 1, 2, 3…

def validate_code(code):
    code1 = str(code)
    if code1.startswith("1"):
      return True
    elif code1.startswith("2"):
      return True
    elif code1.startswith("3"):
      return True
    elif len(code1) > 3:
      return False
      return False


  • One of the things I have to do this weekend is implement backtracking in C++. So we’ll see. I’m planning to use Vectors. So far, so good.

  • When I get better, I’d like to implement it using function templates. I believe that my implementation is for an 8 x 8 board.

    Here is my solution:


    I made a little diagram to help explain what I have to do, essentially. You can read up on backtracking here


Heads up

  • Today, I applied for a scholarship that will help me continue learning. Fingers crossed :)
  • Also, I’ll probably be working throughout the weekend, so this may turn into a Friday-Sunday (maybe even Monday!) post, even though it’s marked “Friday”, pretty much.


Plan is

  • Quiz tonight (due 5/15 - done)
  • Lab this weekend (due 5/15)
  • Homework from Monday to Wed (due 5/18)
  • Board sometime…(due 5/22)

Also of note:

Written on May 12, 2017