Friday May 18th

GSoC Day 5, RustReach Day 5

It’s 1am

  • I’m working through Chapter 4 and headed into Chapter 5 of Rust. So far, so good.
  • I also got my PR approved and am working on a new task today. Specifically, splitting up more constructors. I’m going to be working on this late in the evening, when it’s quiet. I took a nap in the afternoon and worked on Rust (up to chapter 6) during the day today. I was exhausted this morning by around 1pm, so took a nap at 3.

I also officially signed paperwork to begin

  • I’m beginning a part-time gig on the 22nd. It’s super stressing me out because I agreed to house-sit on the evening of the 22nd and 23rd, so my friend has to get back to me about that and how I can collect his set of keys, since I’m not going to be available Tues during the day (so it has to be done during the day on Monday, because I have class Monday PM and then my GSoC meeting, so I don’t get home until later PM).
  • Also, class is just getting in the way of my hours. I’d typically have to leave by around 2pm to get to class on time, which is super-annoying. The semester is so stretched out; once I’m done with it, I’d be able to do GSoC, RustReach, and the part-time gig comfortably, even having Fridays off. It would have been better if it were a 7pm class (7 to 10pm) so I could do my shift and then head to class. I have literally four more weeks left, but I feel like dropping out because it’s just being stretched out with meaningless BS. The guy is literally reading from power point slides and using questions you can find the answers to on the Internet. Sometimes I think these people live in a world where time is not a precious commodity; for me, it always has been. I schedule everything, and I never have any time for tv or anything. Just work and sleep and it’s time I could be working.
  • I’ve always had to work and go to school in the US, and when you do both, it’s a juggling act. There isn’t fun time or fun for drinks or whatever, because there is productive time, and then there’s other time. Plus, I take the bus and train, so my schedule is constrained. When people start to dick with your productive time, it can be infuriating, because it’s precious. Wow, this is starting to sound like I’m an extra in the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” LOL.
  • I also had one more commitment over the weekend which I think I’m just going to drop because I’m going to need that time now for GSoC. So basically, my evenings and early mornings during the week will be GSoC and RustReach, as well as all of Fridays and all of the weekends. That would put me a bit over the required amount of time I should be putting in, with breathing room. That’s ideally what I’d like.
  • I also have one other payment thing that is stressing me out; specifically a refund that is being delayed that is getting in the way of my paying my rent early, and it’s academia related, too. I’ll be fine, considering I will now be working part-time, so that is taken care of, but I’m one of those pay rent early types, so thinking about it makes me roll my eyes because I live in a world with one foot in academia and the other trying to make it in the working world.

On the other hand

  • I’m really excited to start my new gig. It’s my first foray into the tech industry, and I’ll be working with a team. Plus, it will supplement my GSoC and RustReach experiences. These are 100 percent my focus right now. It’s all I need and I’m really excited. I’m also excited to get one of those RFID badges with my photo on it. :D
  • Things are coming together for me, even though is a hustle right now. The hustle is real!

That’s about it for now

Written on May 18, 2018