Friday May 19th

Day Two: Machine Learning (Google IO Day 2)


  • I spent the bulk of the day following the Tensorflow/ Machine learning track. That’s actually the most interesting thing to me. I also ran into two people at a booth within a department at Google (which shall remain unnamed) who thought I was really smart and were interested in possibly contacting me in the future. So I gave them my information.

    One of the guys said it would take him a bit of time to get organized, but that he’d reach out to me. I’m happy for any sort of mentorship I can get at this point. And I’m going to keep programming.

    There was another lady yesterday who also wanted me to meet another Googler, a functional programming junkie.

    So that was nice. It’s really easy to talk to them, generally, and I like their sense of humour.

    I felt so welcome. I’m definitely not worried about a job as much as I care about getting really good.

  • I saw some C++ code. That was really nice :)

  • I was so tired I took about an hour nap on the lawn, along with several other developers. It was worth it; the grass was so cool, and it was so nice outside. I got up refreshed.

I got home late

  • I went to the concert. It was great. Today was really great. There were Glow-in-the-Dark Glitter pens. People had their phones up with lights like lighters. There were huge balls that lit up being tossed around.

    Enjoy some photos.



Written on May 19, 2017