Friday May 25th

GSoC and RustReach Day 12

It’s actually Saturday

  • But I’m writing this as I have a Haskell workshop to write on for Saturday.
  • I’m currently up and running with Ubuntu 18.04. It sort of blew my mind that I didn’t have to boot and install from USB; there was an option as I was trying Ubuntu to install it. I wanted to make sure I could use Hangouts, install Git and all that other stuff. Everything was pretty clean after that, and I’m really enjoying my new computer.

I’m behind

  • Yeah, I have to work on the Rectangle constructor today, and then get to the circle ones.
  • However, I’ve only noticed yesterday that I’m still in the second week of GSoC. I had no idea! Feels like it’s been a lot longer.
  • I also have to do the blog post on Medium (I can do that on Monday) and I’m on chapter 11 in RustReach.
  • The test today will be to see how Slack runs on the new Machine for my conf meeting

I also rearranged my schedule

  • So I now have Fridays completely free. So Friday/ Sat/ Sun are free, and Thurs evenings afternoons after 1 are also completely free. This week was just a bunch of juggling around.

I was in the lunch room at my part time gig

  • And all I could think about was Haskell. It was pretty sad. People wre playing ping-pong games around me and stuff, and I just wanted to finish my shift so I could get back to working on Haskell. I think I just have to find a way to continue to do Haskell. :(
  • The saddest part is not being able to talk to anyone about it. Maybe I should start a group haha. A lot of us are new grads, so some of them are more into Python and JS, which I guess are pretty cool too.


  • It’s 5am here, and I’ve got to get going around 9am to this Haskell/PureScript hack and talk-event. Should be fun! About 29 of us should be there :D
  • Oh, and I got word about this refund I was supposed to get, and even though it won’t go into effect until after the long weekend, it’s very much needed, especially as I’ll be going to LambdaConf this upcoming Saturday. I mostly intend to go to LambdaConf this year to learn some Haskell, and work on Haskell. Those are my two goals.

Back to installing

  • I’m installing CodeWorld on my new machine, so making sure everything is getting set up correctly. This machine is so fast compared to what I had. It’s crazy! :D
Written on May 25, 2018