Friday November 16th

An MSRI grant!

I got home in a rush

  • I sometimes dog-sit, and the family had a bit of an emergency, so I left work a bit early to head over to my place, pack, and then I headed over to their house. They left early in the morning, and I have a dog to take care of for the next three to four days. I’m ecstatic, and hope they’re able to sort things out in the time they said they’d need. The mother was so happy that I was able to help them, that she broke down in tears. I knew that she was a bit stressed, so I was happy to help them and take care of the rent a dog and great big dog friend! :D
  • On the other hand, I got great news…I received an MSRI grant to attend a workshop at their institute in January! They will cover my lodging and give me a stipend! I’ve actually never been to Berkeley before, so that should be fun! My mentor at JPL (and my parents) are super happy for me and proud.
  • What’s strange is that this past week, all the orders I’ve had (for food, etc) have been prime number order numbers! (today, one was order 29, for example). So interesting! :D

Letter from the MSRI

So this is a short post

  • But I’ll be completing my applications this weekend. It was deeply satisfying this week that I told one person what I’d like to research, and he was very excited and said that it was very much needed, and that with my passion, he knew I’d do quite well.
  • I have a lot to learn, and am very happy for good mentorship. I’m also thankful for the support.

Haskell Onwards

  • I plan to purchase Sandy’s book! I read the preview yesterday and got a LOT out of it, and I’d like to support him, and others in the community.
  • I also (once applications are complete) have to start the work assigned to me to help me get up to speed for my internship next summer. I want to be ready and feel comfortable enough in Haskell and working on production code. <3 Haskell :D

And that’s about it!

Written on November 16, 2018