Monday 12th June

My first Bitcoin!

  • LambdaConf gave us a chance to earn some Bitcoin. I’m taking the plunge, in the hope that it will also help someone who wants to attend, too!


  • My very first bitcoin!

Exam tomorrow

  • I totally have an Exam tomorrow, but playing with Firebase is more fun!

Codelabs has some neat stuff

  • Playing around with their tutorial stuff. Here is this App thing they start you off with to learn to use Firebase and their AI.api.

  • There are a couple things…it isn’t really conducive to using a Cloud-based service (which I like doing because my current laptops have little to no storage, and it’s good to just delete virtual environments and start afresh sometimes.

    That being said, the FireBase tools themselves via the command line were a piece of cake to install in a virtual environment. Locally (depending on your OS, not so much).

  • And..not very intuitive sometimes… Everything looks like text, so it isn’t always obvious where you shoud enter fields (ie where you can input text or values, vs where you can’t) Still very fun, though.





And then…I broke it :(


Local set-up

  • So I tried to do this again on a local environment.

  • So far, so good, but then when I wanted to authenticate the Firetools login, it said that there was an error and that I needed to use login:ci

  • Turns out, using Powershell instead of Git overrides this.

  • Basically, it will ask you to authenticate your credentials via a log-in.







Homework, etc

  • I have to review Linked Lists for my exam tomorrow, so going to do that.

  • I also have an Assignment to do in JS, so there’s that, too, but this was a fun experiment. As I become more comfortable with the pipeline, hopefully I can do some more interesting stuff and help others trouble-shoot in our workshop, etc.

Written on June 12, 2017