Monday April 17th

4/17/17 - Post-Easter hangout

Today I learned

  • Bound vs free

  • Bound -> tied to a specific set of values -> context specific

Questions / Concerns

  • I’d like a deeper understanding of Free Monads and Free in general in lambda calculus


  • Completed quiz and discussion board for C++. Apparently only four of us did it by the deadline. Yikes. Bear in mind there’s an advanced version of this class. I wonder if there will just be two of us in that one! :)

  • Also all booked for LambdaConf. I’m really excited; this will be my first year attending. The run-down is that I applied on a whim (while secretly hoping) to get a scholarship to attend this year, and I got one, out of five persons chosen. So I was psyched!

LambdaConf :)



photo courtesy of the Fantasyland Institute


  • I really really fit with those programmers and that group more than any other. I’m not sure exactly why, but I’m excited to be around FP-ers 24/7 again :) I’ve had a bit of depression since BayHac, and am trying to be more social with non-FP-ers in the dev community, but I can’t say I’m enjoying it much. I really like the thought process, the wit and energy of the FP-community, and I’ve noticed that the only conferences that I seem to really, really enjoy attending are FP-ones. :)

Things to be done:

  • Continue with Lab # 3 and do Homework # 7 (both C++). I’m supposed to be meeting up with my friend, Kevin, either today or tomorrow (or both) so we can work on the lab together.

  • Continue with Programming for Correctness. I’m learning a lot from that.

Algo of the morning.

Here is my solution to a puzzle that was sent my way this morning via our Slack channel.

// 1. create a function that takes one parameter
// 2. It must be a string 
// 3. String should be two words 
// 4. Function should return the first letters of both words only
// 5. hint: convert string into an array 

function whatever(x){
 var arr = []
 var a = x.split(" ")
 for (var i = 0; i < a.length; i++){
 return arr

whatever("hello world") // returns ['h', 'w']
whatever("Cool Guy") // returns ['C', 'G']

And some LaTeX for my Correctness course.

If you’ve never seen LaTeX before, this is what it looks like.

It’s really valuable to learn, particularly for preparing papers with scientific or mathematical notation.



And this is what it looks like.


Things I learned about

  • International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP). Looks interesting. Maybe one year I can attend.
Written on April 17, 2017