Monday April 30th

BayHac (2018)

I just got back from BayHac

  • Man am I tiiiiirrrredd!!
  • But I had so much fun!

The format was a bit different from last year

  • We had talks in the morning, and then lunch, and in the evening, we had time for hacking.
  • I continued to work on CodeWorld, and was able to make two small pull requests.
  • Gabe says the next step is to make more meaningfull pull requests, since I have gotten into the hang of doing small ones. I’m excited! :D
  • On the last day, we had an opportunity (from 4 to 5pm) to talk about what we worked on, in a few seconds to a minute.
  • It was really great because it was a really supportive environment where everyone was applauded for their contribution during the duration of the conference.

Here is Phil doing some whiteboarding

  • He’s talking about what he spoke about from the last PureScript meetup!

  • Soon, there was a little group of us standing around asking questions.

We went out for drinks afterwards

  • Well, 17 of us went to find food, and we ate at a Taqueria, and then a few of us headed to an Irish pub.
  • It was pretty crazy, because there was a Giants vs Dodgers game, and 17 of us were also trying to find a place to eat together. Because we’re Haskellinos and FP-ers..we can make it happen! :D (with folds and fmaps) lol.
  • We had a lot of fun. With Phil, it’s always shenanigans :D

This was the view from my hotel Saturday night

  • My hotel had a tub and a shower, so filled that sucker up with hot water and just relaxed for half an hour.

Oh, there were David Hilbert stickers!

  • So great. I stuck one on my laptop!

For breakouts…

  • For the hacking sessions, the ones I saw were Dhall, HNix, CodeWorld, Haddock. I stuck with CodeWorld, but this was the sign for the Hnix one.

On Sunday

  • At the end of the day’s activities, I, along with two friends, continued hacking at a bar in the area until around 9:30pm. Then, I had enough time to get my bus. So it was perfect.

  • My friends offered me tours of their place, lunch invitations, and just incredibly positive energy and support. I left really energized. I’m so happy that I went to BayHac. I learned a lot, got some work done, met some awesome people and just had a really great time!

Oh, I also got into nGirls’ Angular Workshop.

  • So the week of Google IO, I’ll be back in the Bay for that. So it’s something like go to the Bay for IO, and then come back and then go again for that workshop (just for the day). I’m excited; it’s at the Angular HQ. I’m probably going to troll them with Purescript, but I wanted the perspective and I thought that this would be a worthwhile experience for me.

And..that’s it.

Written on April 30, 2018