Monday April 8th

4/10/17 - Return from BayHac


  • BayHac :).

Map in tattoo

  • So…this happened at BayHac. It’s a Map function in Haskell!

Came back from BayHac. I am exhausted, and sick. Had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Specifically, the most interesting to me were topics on:

  • Adjunctions
  • Tensorflow Integration with Haskell API
  • Free Monads
  • I would like to spend time for the rest of this year strengthening my knowledge of Category Theory.
  • I may have a mentor in mind

Things completed:

  • Set up Blog with Liz via online chat
  • Forked template, configured Git
  • Updated file in markdown and see if blog works
Written on April 8, 2017