Monday December 3rd

Monday at home

I spent today mostly at home

  • Did laundry..check
  • Went to dentist…check
  • Did Haskell..check
  • I’m still incredibly fatigued. This flu has me a bit tired, so I gain energy, and then feel tired. Last week, on the way to work, I’d pass out both on the way to work, and on the way back. I’m still recovering.

I helped out a friend

  • My friend, Matt, runs the local GDG group. He had Dev Fest this Sunday, and then is handing over the reigns to another wonderful lady I had the good fortune of meeting. I helped them set up, along with a PhD student, check in people who were registered, and stuff like that. I didn’t plan on staying until the end, but I did. I actually enjoyed the talks, as they were very diverse.
  • One in particular was on prototyping from start to finish. Having spent some time in a company that made real stuff (we had a machine shop, did electrical wiring, testing, saw things blow up, test again, waiting on parts, shipping them out, crating them up, fork-lifting them into a 53’ truck and having people go out and teach companies how to use the stuff), I really enjoyed it.
  • Oh, I also won a prize at a raffle (I have one of the devices already, so I gave my friend, Tina), and at the end, Matt gave the four of us gift bags for our time. I was quite touched that we each received a pointer-clicker laser. As an aspiring PhD student, it was such a thoughtful gift (and for the other girl, who was doing her PhD, too!). Even so, it’s a gift that just said “go out and give talks!”. I loved that. So positive and motivational!

I went to class today and then got home and started on Haskell.

  • In the middle of class, I received word from a friend that he might be moving to the Bay area. Not just a friend, one of my best friends from upstate New York, who moved to Boston. This makes me so excited! He’ll be in California around the end of January. I cannot wait to tease him about his accent.
  • I think he’ll do so well in the Bay because he’s intellectually curious. I miss hanging out with him. When I first moved to the West Coast, we would talk on the phone for hours about books and concepts and all sorts of things. He was fascinated by fractals when I met him, and was one of the few people I knew who used the Opera browser. Strangely, I use Opera currently, and it’s my favourite browser. Life is strange.

As for my error

  • I am still working through it. That’s specifically in my makefile.
  • However, I was working on another instance error in Haskell and resolved that. I’m about less than 100 pages from completing Sandy’s book. I know I will get back to it again, but I always do a first read-through of books. For example, I’ve read LYAH many, many times, and always go back to Hbook.
  • I also got “Mathematics for Programmers”, Kun’s book, in the mail today! It looks wonderful, but I’m not allowed to go through it until I’ve completed Sandy’s book. Also, Little Typer is in the mail. That will probably come in tomorrow evening, while I am at my local Haskell Meetup learning about QuickCheck. One of the guys in our group is pretty into Checkers at the moment.
  • Over the weekend, I plan to get into Dhall and see if I can work through it, without bugging Gabe. Fingers crossed.

I think that’s about it for me

Written on December 3, 2018