Monday January 29th

Weather Data

Today I spent

  • Half of my day trying to figure out if I could understand how to do rolling mean in Julia. I understand the algorithm, but I had some problems with my Types; I still don’t quite get them in terms of compatability. So that’s something I have to work on. I did find a lot of Quants use Julia, though! :D

  • So I tried to just look at the data using Pandas instead.

This is pretty much my Process

So, waiting to hear

  • What I can improve on, and to re-submit if need be. My Jupyter wasn’t exporting to .pdf, so that kind of sucked. So I had to do an html to pdf McGyver-y thingy. I’ll try it again later, but in the meantime, submitted what I had. update Complete! I was successful, and Project 1 passed! On to Project 2!


  • I’m tasked with doing some exercises sent to me via a draft of a Computational Verification book being written, from a gentleman at POPL. So I plan to do a bit of that this week (perhaps this evening).

  • Also, getting into what I have to do for assignment two and general Python review in preparation (perhaps also this evening).

And..that’s pretty much it for now

Written on January 29, 2018