Monday July 30th

GSoC Day 78

I’m currently dog-less

  • But sometime in August, I’ll get to see her again :D

  • Today, I worked on shifting one of the buttons simulationOf that was in the way of the historySlider, and Gabe reviewed it and we were giggling about his review. It’s been a lot of fun having both mentors this summer! They’re very fun, very positive, and I always look forward to the meetings. We had so much fun chatting, that I think we ended about close to 20 minutes over. Consider Chris is now 3 hours ahead I hope he gets some sleep tonight!


  • I’m working on my final retrospective draft (which we spoke about this evening). I had started this weekend, so going to do a few drafts and clean up before it even opens up for submittal.
  • a new pull request for another open source project involving boolean predicates. I really like this project, so I’d like to stick with it, although I’m learning the language. I like the maintainer of the repo, also. He’s been quite patient and like Chris, is a stickler for coding standards.
  • the zoom (ie ZoomInButton and ZoomOutButton) and pan buttons (and a zoomSlider) for CodeWorld. Super excited about that. Should be fun, but there are a few edge cases to consider. For example, we currently have an Inspect mode, and if someone is say, zoomed all the way in, and they click inspect, does it stay at that zoom factor? How far can a person zoom? The pan should not be the same linearity from left to right as say, with a zoom factor that is small (ie when the picture is almost zoomed out). So some things to think about.

I’m tired today

  • So it looks like I’ll be going to sleep a bit early tonight.
  • And that’s about it.
Written on July 30, 2018