Monday June 11th

GSoc and RustReach Day 29, and a Bit of Progress…

I can die happily right now

  • After a meeting with my mentor, Chris, and his suggestions, I was able to make a function in Haskell to print cleanly to the UI. Gabe is flying back from Zurich today, so he gets to spend time with his family. I feel kind of badly taking time away from people, but they’ve both reminded me that they committed to spend this time with me this summer. Anyways…I went…

Specifically from this…

To this…

You have no idea

  • How happy this makes me. I have to go through with the other constructors, get confirmation that I’m in the right direction and write some tests.
  • I also had some build errors initially because a mutual friend and contributor, Richard, installed some AWS stuff. So I had to install some stuff on my end to get it to build and run, which was not a huge problem. I’m learning how to resolve some errors.
  • I just want to carry my laptop with me everywhere and work on Haskell every chance I get. Things are really making more sense, even though I feel like a Haskell-ignoramus compared to everyone else.

I also did first eval

  • It’s the first checkpoint, so I had to do an evaluation of my mentors. It was pretty much a formality and wasn’t very detailed or anything, and they explained that as long as I don’t bail or give up or anything, I should expect to pass.
  • I’m pretty much really happy for the opportunity to work in (and get paid) doing Haskell this summer, get a foot in the door to work on real code, and have great mentors. So I can’t complain. I trust them completely.
  • I have more hesitation in my own abilities, but strangely, they seem to know how to get work out of me for things I wouldn’t imagine being able to solve on my own. So that’s good, and I guess, is the whole point.

I sat an exam today, also

  • So I had to leave early from work, which was kind of meh. However, I was writing tests at work; Ad-hoc testing. I found it to be a lot like writing documentation (or at least approached it that way), so yours truly was making diagrams, taking snapshots and stuff. Of course, when I submit it I’m probably going to have to do a bunch of stuff over, but right now, I’m enjoying it because I like being nit-picky about how things are laid out in the application. It feels like writing documentation for a library or something on github.
  • Tomorrow we have some Git training, and you know me and Mr. Git are besties! (well, until a merge conflict comes up) bites nails.

I also had the worst diet of all time today

  • I swear; my meals today were a frappuccino, a pack of Cheddar Chex Mix and an order of fries today. That was it, pretty much, besides straight up tea all day. I’ve never eaten so badly in my life before. Pretty embarrassed. Never again.

Things to do

  • Work on Rust (finish book)
  • Find what I’d like to work on (pull request for Mozilla RustReach)
  • Write Medium Article (I’ll get this done before the end of June!)
  • Continue with Haskell


  • So far, so good. Going to keep at it on the Haskell-train. I’m excited for the Haskell Book club, also. Should be fun!
  • Also, I have a race on Friday. I just got an email reminding me. I think it’s a good idea to race occasionally because it keeps my energy up and it keeps me competitive, which is good discipline for becoming good at anything. It’s good to do a sport!

That’s it!

Written on June 11, 2018