Monday June 19th

NanoDegree Cont’d and Robot workshop

  • Moving along today
  • I started on some basic CSS

We learned about Boxify-ing an image.

  • This is how I broke mine down. So I got 14 elements.

Updated my notes

And..I got some review of my notes from a Forum Mentor, so working on fixing stuff

Really helpful!

  • I love how succinct but also helpful it is!

  • I also posted the review here so that later on, I don’t have to go back to the forum, (which has a degree of clutter from old posts), but can just look at my blog and make necessary adjustments.

  • The one I posted is on a CodePen here.

  • I like the tool this mentor suggested : Validitator

I am going to a robotics workshop.

  • simple Robot…
  • I found a cable for my Linux laptop, so was able to use my laptop without it draining out the battery.


  • I didn’t get to finish building my robot, but man is that stuff fun.




  • Since I may finish my C++ classes after this one, I may take the year-long thesis robot-thingy in Spring/ Fall. That way, I’ll get to do both some C++ and robotics stuff.

  • I still need to learn SPICE. Haven’t really learned that yet, even though I know a bit of Eagle and Express PCB.

Tomorrow…On a Journey

  • So I finish my workshop tonight, and then am taking a bus early morning to San Francisco. So yeah…

And..look who came back :)


  • A little encouragement! :)
Written on June 19, 2017