Monday June 5th

Solved…and Blocked my Files

  • Was laughing, because I said yesss..solved it! Then tried to attach my files…and…BLOCKED. So I just linked to my repo.


It’s Monday again, and I finished the pre-reqs for this workshop (I hope).

  • The link to my repo is here

Question 1

  • Write a function in dict, prints a linked title. If title > 50 chars, trunc to ‘…’ after that length.

  • Hey, that trim function is pretty neat!

    So this one prints :

    "<a href="">really, really, 
    really long title that will be cho…</a>"

Question 1 : My Solution

function bubba(a)
      var title = (Object.values(a)[0])
      var domain = (Object.values(a)[1])
      var trimmed = title.substring(0,50)+"..."
      console.log('<a href='+'"'+domain+'">'+trimmed+'</a>')

  title: 'really, really, really long title
  that will be chopped off',
  link: ''

Question 2

  • Write a function given a dict in an array, the function will print title and url.

  • This one would loop through the outputs and based on length, print :

<a href="">Github</a>
<a href="">Google</a>
<a href="">really, really,
really long title 3 that will be ch…</a>

Question 2 : My Solution

var arr = [
    title: 'Github',
    link: ''
    title: 'Google',
    link: ''
    title: 'really, really, really
    long title that will be chopped off',
    link: ''
for (var i=0; i < arr.length; i++){
 var domain = arr[i].link
 var name1 = arr[i].title
 if (name1.length > 50){
   var trimmed = name1.substring(0,50)+"..."
   var trimmed = name1
 var word = (('<a href='+'"'+domain+'"'+'>'+trimmed+'</a>'))

Quick Fix

  • We were asked to create an object that represents what the user would input. This is for the app we’re building. This is for the June workshop… the one that runs in June, not the one that runs in the last weekend in June and throughout July. I know…confusing!

    Mine is:

var krystal = {
  username: "kammitama",
  userid:   5,
  favouriteLanguage: "Haskell",
  hometown : Ganymede
  • Btw, “Ganymede” is an inside geek joke. Not sure how many people get obscure Space jokes :P. (It’s a moon on Jupiter).

Well look-y here!

  • I play lots of games like these, sometimes. Trogdor is a favourite, and Text Twist, etc

Look what I found today! :)

Plan for today

  • Review for exam tomorrow (done).

  • Work on some C++ (maybe..may wait till Exam is done).

  • Start Algorithms coursework (four-week thingy)

Written on June 5, 2017