Monday March 5th

Tomorrow is my Birthday :D

I managed

  • I managed to finish up a quiz, an assignment and install Android 3.0 for this workshop this upcoming Saturday. That was sort of a pain (especially Gradle), but Googs invited me to do the workshop, so why not? In the midst of that, there is our online PureScript Meetup. So….yeah. Thankfully PureScript records their meetings. Hopefully Googs has a nice, long lunch so I can watch some of the stream!
  • I’m also volunteering to help out with Registration at SCALE.
  • In the midst of that…Haskell. At night, I’ve been reading Denotational Semantics (the unabridged novel :D). Right now I’m reading about continuous lattices.


  • I’m currently on chapter 4 of Haskellbook. So far, so good. It’s on DataTypes.
  • I have Stack installed on various devices, particularly on a Windows machine, along with Notepad++.


  • Here is the code on Notepad++

  • Solution works

  • This is um..the simplest of simple-setups, I guess. I have it on a Linux machine also, but this version of Stack is on Windows. I had never done that before, so I’m happy it worked.

My thoughts so far

  • Watching the streams and stuff has paid off so far. It’s fun to work through.
  • It’s okay to re-read the chapter twice, in case you skipped something
  • It’s really really worthwhile to do the exercises. I’m not sure what a person who didn’t do the exercises would get out of the book, quite honestly. The exercises really cement whether you learned what they were talking about or not.


  • So far, so good. I’m keeping up with the assignments. I started looking into grad school deadlines for application, and costs. It’s doable. I also found someone I know who goes to a school I’d like to attend (and was living in LA up to 2017, and their background was not originally CS). So that’s really helpful.
  • Timing is everything, so it also depends on when it starts compared to the application date, etc.
  • So I guess we’ll see how it goes. So many of these schools have AI and Machine Learning programmes; it’s like they’re filtering Undergrad graduates into Web and Master’s into Data/ Machine Learning / AI. I kind of want to steer clear of those and just focus on compilers for graduate school. And maybe work in something like Haskell or Racket or some proofing language. That would be really neat.
Written on March 5, 2018