Monday May 28th

GSoC and RustReach Day 15

Happy Memorial Day

  • Mozilla had a 6am meeting with us from the Mozilla Paris office. I finally got to fully see Aaron, my mentor, and Manish was our guest! Interestingly, he was a Physics major who became a self-taught dev.
  • Ashley also took a screenshot, which was pretty cool :D
  • We also resolved to have Monday Rust memes!
  • We’ve also been told that there is a Rust conference in Russia in December! I’ve never been there, so it’s possible that I can book to go to either the one in Rome or the one in Russia :D
  • Oh, and I’ve been told Aaron Turon will be a guest in the future, as well as (Pokemon) Steve! :D

I tried to leave my mentors be today (stealth mode)

  • I wanted to give them their privacy as much as possible on their day off. You know, people have lives and stuff.
  • But near the end of the day, they still reviewed my PR.
  • That’s pretty nice of them; they didn’t have to. Was expecting they’d do it tomorrow, even though I posted tonight. But I got it to type-check, so we’ll see.


  • Rust chapters 11 to 15 (or end of the book). I’m probably going to do this on mornings before I go to work, or early evenings, before GSoC, and chip away a bit at a time. I’ve been realizing I feel a lot better getting some programming in before work. I feel kind of badly for some of my peers who would like to be programming but aren’t, but I really don’t think that should stop you. One of them was talking about “needing more time”, but I think you can always find time, especially if you’re in a non-programming job and want to get into solely programming. People (rarely) will hire you to do something you can’t demonstrate you have the capacity to do. And you’re competing with people who programme all day and come home and programme in the early years, or otherwise have more experience. I thought it would be interesting to learn some testing while programming, but I’m definitely a programmer. So when I’m not at my PT, I spend my time programming (or if it’s slow at work).
  • I have The Arc/solidArc/thickArc to do. I’ll do that this week.
  • I also have that blog post to do on Medium. I really think I’ll be able to do this during LambdaConf. I’ll be in one location, which isn’t far away from where I’m staying (walking distance), so that will give me a lot more time. Plus, the talks are such that you can work and listen to some.
  • When Friday arrives, I have to drop off my rent cheque by Friday PM, because I fly out Saturday morning. Fortunately, I only work from 8am to 1:30pm in any case, so that’s doable (with a lunch break). Ordinarily, my schedule is Mon-Wed 8am to 4:30pm, and Thurs 8am to 1:30pm. Plus, I intend to get some work done in between my breaks.

And that’s about it

Written on May 28, 2018