Saturday 29th

4/29/17 - Workshop Day

Today I made (warm-up exercise in class):

  • simple calculator using HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Random Kata

  • Used a library to solve a problem (I can’t do this on the actual tests) basically take a number, sum its digits and hold in one var find product and hold in another var, and then find LCM of the two numbers.

    I didn’t know how to load libraries in JS before and hard code everything, so… To pass the actual kata, you’ll need to actual hard-code the LCM, but this works in a REPL.

// Basically, take an input, turn it into a string.
// Find the total and product, and find the common LCM between both.

var math = require('mathjs');
function parameter(n) {
  var c = n.toString();
  var sum  = 0;
  var product = 1;
  for (var i = 0; i < c.length; i++){
    sum = sum + parseInt(c[i]);
    product = product * parseInt(c[i]);
  var b = sum;
  var a = product;
 // returns the correct result eg. for 22 (total; 4, product; 4 and LCM 4)
 // returns 120 for 1234 (total; 10 and product 24, LCM 120, etc)

On another note

  • Today was our last official workshop day…we have one next Saturday, but that’s a casual build-a-game/ project type day.

  • The person who runs the workshop is having a more intense version in June. I’m allowed to attend, so will probably do that on Saturdays. In the meantime, in between predicate calculus, C++, and category theory, I’ll see if I can work my way through “Eloquent JavaScript”

Things to do / complete:

  • C++ quiz (done)

  • C++ lab (made quite a bit of headway on that one this evening with my lab-partner). I do want to make sure my code is as clean as possible and readable. (almost done)

  • Finish up Chapter 2 proofs for Predicate calculus class (done)

  • Watch “As We May Program”, Peter Norvig’s talk for Lisp NYC group (done)

Of note:

  • Gabriel Gonzalez posted this interesting link for those engaged in learning Haskell. Definitely useful for my continued exploration of Haskell.

  • Watched Bjarne Stoustrop “The Essence of C++. I hadn’t thought of resource management. “Resource Acquisition is Initialization”, commonly referred to as RAII.

    1. Having an owner
    2. Resource: something that is acquired and then released eg. file -> get the file, read it, close the file. Very interesting.

    auto& - syntactic sugar -> forall

Interested in learning about:


Written mostly in purescript -> Scientific Calculator. It’s so intuitive!

Written on April 29, 2017