Saturday April 15th

4/15/17 - Session 2 -> Functions n’ Stuff

Things to get done:

  • C++ quiz -> will be done today.

  • C++ discussion. Basically, something about Linked Lists and Palindromes. Will be completed today.

  • Lab #3 for C++ -> due on the 18th…working on.

  • Continue with Matlab/ Logic for course.

  • Got up early this morning (5: 38am) and was able to get laundry done and clean my apartment. Also had to post a t-shirt to my friend, Michael, along with some stickers (yes, they are related to Haskell) :) Had to be organized because I have a pretty tight schedule today, and I want to get everything done. Tomorrow is Easter, and I will be spending time mostly with a friend and her family, so I may not have that much time to spare to just focus solely on programming.

Today I learned:

  • FreeCodeCamp factorialize question.

  • I did one scenario that finds all the factors, and another which prints n!

Find factors (for-loop solution)

function factors(num){
//empty array
  arr = []
  // loop through values from 1 to the number inclusive
  // if iteration is num / iterable num is divisible,
  // push to array
  for (var i = 0; i <= num; i++){
    if (num % i === 0){
  console.log(arr) // return array
  return arr

factors(5) // prints [1, 5]
factors(10) // prints [1, 2, 5, 10]

Factorialize (for-loop solution)

function factorialize(num){
  var fact = 1;
  for (var i = 1; i <= num; i++){
    fact = fact * i
  return fact

factorialize(5) // prints [120]

Factorialize (recursive solution)

function factorialize(num){
  //recursive solution
  var fact = 1;
  if (num == 1){
    return 1
    return num * factorialize(num - 1)

factorialize(5) // prints [120]

Notes -> Functions in functions.

  • A neat example of nesting :
/* 1. hello world
Define a function called sayHello that takes no input
parameters and returns as output a string 
that says hello to the world
function sayHello(){
  return "Hello world"


/*2.  makeHeading 
Define a function makeHeading that takes one parameter
surrounds it inside <h1> and </h1> and returns
the combination as its output

function makeHeading(heading)
  return "<h1>"+heading+"</h1>"

/*3. sayHello greeting
Call the sayHello function and save its output in a new var
called greeting 
var greeting = sayHello();

/*4. Call the makeHeading function, passing it your 
greeting variable as an argument, and save its output 
in greeting 
greeting = makeHeading(greeting);

console.log(greeting) // returns <h1>Hello world</h1>


Written on April 15, 2017