Saturday August 12th

Out on the Water again

  • So I’ve been quite busy with my Udacity course. I didn’t plan on being out on the water today, but an opportunity came and I couldn’t resist. So…

Boy was it fun!

  • It made me realize how much I enjoy it! I had a big smile on my face by the time I boarded the boat.

There was a mini Barbecue

  • So the dockmaster had a party for boat owners. It was more of a pot-luck, but I scored a coupon for a free taco at Sharky’s, had some food and drink, but not too much because I hate eating or drinking a lot before sailing (unless it’s water-based fruit like grapes or strawberries).

Then we were off..

  • And joy of joys, what did you know..the Attessa IV was in our marina!

She has a helicopter on there.

  • I heard it’s about 400K just to refill (gas) her.

A 2017 Beneteau!

A carbon sail on a Tartan

Probably doing a test of a new purchase

  • The only boat with the sail not up outside of the marina!



View from the boat…

  • It was a beautiful sail. Earlier in the day, a sea lion came right up to our slip! He dipped his big head up and then disappeared below the dock. He was a big one, too! Didn’t get my camera out quickly enough, though!

A racing boat

So next week

  • We’re planning on going to Redondo for lunch (sailing there), and then sailing back to MDR. That should be a blast!

  • We may also go to Catalina at some point. There is a big party usually in September there with a lot of boats from the marina.

Here is also a GPS chart

  • (started a bit late) from our trip today


  • strictly working on Python stuff for my assignment. Should be done by Thursday, which is still a week before it’s due :)


  • Find the sum of integers in a string eg “blah20blel20” = 40
def sum_of_integers_in_string(s):
   import re
   total = 0
   g = re.findall(r'\d+', s)
   for i in g:
       total = total + int(i)
   return total
  • limit to number of letters specified by limit, and add … else return full string
function solution(string,limit){
    if (limit < string.length){
      return (string.slice(0, limit) + "...") 
      return string
  • If arr [i][1] < jason, return arr[i][0] in arr
def kill_count(counselors, jason):
    arr = []
    for i in counselors:
      if i[1] < jason:
    return arr

-Strip non-alpha and make lowercase

def borrow(s):
    import re
    s = re.sub(r'\W+', '', s)
    return s.lower()
  • This one, I needed some help with. Map function. Reverse list and capitalize last letter unless it’s one letter long. There was no Python option for this one, so…
function flipper(stringArr){
    return stringArr.reverse().map(function(item) {
    if (item.length == 1){
      return item
    return item.slice(0, item.length-1).toLowerCase()+ item.charAt(item.length-1).toUpperCase() 
  }).join(" ");
  • replace all dots with dashes (I have no idea why I didn’t solve this before…)
def replace_dots(str):
    arr = []
    for i in str:
        if i == '.':
    b = ('').join(arr)
    return b        
  • this kata always returns the same thing. It’s broken…
function returnMatch(searchTerm, subject) {
  var subject1 = subject.replace(/ /g,'')
  var subject2 = subject1.toLowerCase()
  if ( != -1){
    return 'test f'
    return 'test f'
Written on August 12, 2017