Saturday August 18th

Rust Hackday 2018

Today we wrapped up RustConf with an optional Hack-Day at Mozilla

  • But first…we met at the Portland Farmer’s Market!

  • I got there a bit early and got a cup of tea at a nearby coffee shop. I also walked around and took a few photos.

  • I apologize for the Moire pattern on this one!

  • I couldn’t decide whether to wear my NASA tshirt or my Rust tshirt, and decided on the RustConf one. That turned out to be a good decision!

  • I asked one person along the way where the Portland Farmer’s Market was, and after he gave me directions, he said “and thank you for using Rust!”. Turns out, he works for Mozilla and had noticed my tshirt was a Rust one! :D

We met at the Farmer’s Market

  • It was a group of about 12 of us. We went to different booths, and as soon as I had ordered, the guy taking my order started speaking excitedly about WASM and Rust. It was pretty hilarious. Soon, the rest of our group gathered around and was talking back and forth with him. We told him he should definitely speak at RustConf next year! Again, my Rust tshirt! :D A bunch of us ended up supporting his booth, too. The food was quite tasty!

  • He was working at the Green Tang booth, and his github name is greenpdx. You can find his github here.

  • I also had an amazing dosa!

Street Art on the way to Mozilla

Finally, we got to Mozilla

  • I got my badge, and Michael photo-bombed my sign-in photo! :D

  • This lady here is responsible for RustReach. Just wanted to point that out :D

  • I truly love her and appreciate how kind and generous she has been to me. She works her butt off, but has an incredible sense of humour.

I worked with Nick and Jeena

  • Jeena was working on Turtle, and Nick showed me some benchmarking tools in a library called criterion. By inlining functions, we were able to improve the performance of the code! We also looked at Disassembly to optimize code and figure out what was taking up most of our time when running the code. I’m really thankful he showed that to me, and I’m really interested in learning more about the Linux Kernel and how that works now.

  • I also made two pull requests to fix two issues. Nick is really patient and humble and it was really great to work with both of them.

Oh..and we took a break and went for shaved ice!


  • At the end of the day, we called it a day and went home after HackDay. Really great day today!
Written on August 18, 2018