Saturday December 12th

Making a language

I took a class

  • I took a class taught by this amazing software engineer and linguist where we made a language in six weeks.
  • Then, we presented our translation of the same poem based on the language by reading it if we wanted.
  • Mine is inspired by Hindi and Armenian and is VSO. Other VSO languages are Irish, Mayan and some other Polynesian languages. I haven’t come up with a name for the language yet.
  • I wanted to make a language for a game I’m making (along with some game art). Don’t tease my geekiness lol.
  • This was such a fun class!! I loved it!!! I’m also taking an Esoteric Programming languages class and one in Ostromian Economics in 2021.


On a hill, a sheep that did not 
have wool saw horses.
kŋ <ng> kaa tshaa-ŋ-aŋ tsaani tschaa saat-o kaabkh-i

One horse pulled a heavy wagon.
ŋ <ng> tsc aa-o u-ŋ kaabkh tschgaa

One horse carried a big load.
ŋ <ng> tsc aa-o u-ŋ aa-tng-ak vtkaa zaa-k

One horse carried a person.
ŋ <ng> tsc aa-o u-ŋ aa-tng-ak pvkka

The sheep said to the horses:
kah-ao (pl) tschaak a-k kaabkh-i

“I grieve when I see a person
who drives horses.”
ŋ <ng> ŋklhhh saat-ak brt-ŋ kaabkh(-an)-i pvkka

The horses said:
kaa-o kaabkh(-an)-i

We grieve when we see this:
ŋ <ng>-o ŋklhhh saat-o

"A person takes the wool of the sheep
and makes a warm garment with it.
trrda pvkka tschaa-tsaani t-a-k-b-r̥
kvtaa ŋ-ts-z-a tshaa

And the sheep does not have wool."
tsaani tschaa aa-tk ŋ-aŋ

When the sheep heard this, it fled
into the plain.
ŋ-k-lhhh tch-aa-r̥-tch-o kah-ao (pl)
ŋ rrh udvnn ŋ <ng> khh

That’s it

Written on December 12, 2020