Saturday December 1st

More things not working = me imposter

I’m currently learning Dhall

  • It’s part of a project I’d really like to help out on, so Gabe gave me some resources to get started. I am in no way an expert, but that’s the point. It’s a learning point for me, so that I obtain more knowledge in general. I’m trying to understand how it’s put together at the moment. However, before that, I decided to learn more about Linux configs in general and got started on building my own VM, after delving into Linux configs in general.
  • Strangely, I had picked up a lot of the basics from my hackerspace. They’ve really taught me a lot. At this one job I had, I was extremely bored and sat a computer all day, so I would take online classes on things like WireShark, so I randomly know a bit about that stuff (through IEEE). I even got a few certificates out of it through IEEE. Also, things would break a lot at that place, and an employee even hacked into the system remotely and deleted a bunch of stuff. I think that that also got me into programming and computers :D.
  • As for my Hackerspace,I have to make it back there at some point. I’ve heard they’ve moved (again). It’s just tough to maintain a hackerspace that is community-driven. The people there are good people. If people don’t show up, though, and don’t submit dues, it kind of goes to all hell.
  • Ah, the VM. So far, so good. However, currently, my makefile for my VM is just in a state of b@ll$. I will sort this out. Everything is in Bash and C++, and Dhall is in Haskell.
  • I’d like to figure out Dhall on both of my machines; one is on 32-bit and the other is 64-bit running on 18.04. But, I also need to understand Dhall. So I’ve been reading up on it and reading through the code and watched a few presentations on it during the past week.

The point is to learn

  • I’m (potentially) taking Assembly next semester (if it’s not interrupted by other random things I can’t disclose atm) , so all of this knowledge is pretty good. I have played around with NASM before (thank you hackerspace), and Nick showed me some Disassembly code for the RustConf HackDay at Mozilla, but it’s certainly not something I’m an expert in. However, I do have much interest. For the sake of knowledge and for understanding how things work.

Still drained

  • I’m still a bit drained from the flu, but I have been spending quite a bit just staying indoors and coding, and resting in-between. Tomorrow I will venture outside for a few hours to help a friend, but I intend to come back in by the early afternoon, take a nap, and spend the evening coding. Perhaps I will find a solution then to my issue.
  • In the meantime…Haskell it is!

And that’s about it

Written on December 1, 2018