Saturday February 17th


Just a short Break

  • I’m on Chapter 13 out of 15 on Compilers! I should be done by tomorrow or Monday latest!
  • I’m also going to start reading Kleene’s “Mathematical Logic” book in the evenings.
  • Once the week starts (ie Tuesday), it’s back into my Nanodegree (Data Science).
  • Oh yeah..class starts from Tuesday, but I also have this JPL thing to go to on Thursday with my mentor!
  • I hope I can also get some of the paper (I have to read) in this weekend, but that depends.

Spent today

  • Today, I visited my Hackerspace and learned a bit about PyQt. So, since there is a long weekend, I thought it a perfect opportunity to build something. I have two projects in mind.
    • The first is a Node-based interface that would allow you to build and connect nodes. This is a bit steeper for me I’m thinking, so I’ll do them linearly first. I’d like it to eventually count the number of nodes and make connections between them, etc
    • An Assembly calculator. Something that allows you to add, subtract, store and load values, and will give you the result. I can get started on this over the weekend with my limited Qt knowledge from today. I actually don’t know Assembly, but I know a teeny, tiny bit from playing around with NASM and from my Compiler course.


  • I’m still pretty busy, and there are some things that are up in the air, but pressing on.
  • I missed a friend’s stream (in Haskell) three times. However, I’ve watched all of the streams afterwards on my own time. This is partially because of this thing I was focusing on, and the fact that I am fighting off a bit of allergies or a cold or something. I’m not infectious, but I’ve come home two days this past week and slept from 7pm and woken up at 5 the next morning. If anyone knows me, that’s not me at all. So that pretty much means I’m fighting something.

I also

  • Got word that I’ve been accepted to this year’s International Women’s Day celebration at Google LA. So that should be pretty fun! It’s on a Saturday, too, right in the middle of my volunteering for SCALE! :D
  • Oh yeah, and I applied for another thing over summer and there is this thing that may totally wreck the plans of a bunch of other stuff, but I’ll find out by this week if it will or not :D. Oh well…life! Right now..a lot of things are sort of up-in-the-air.

And..that’s all I’ve got!

Written on February 17, 2018