Saturday June 2nd

GSoC, RustReach Day 20 and Pre-LambdaConf activity day

After an early-morning shuttle to LAX

  • The lines and the flight were really great. Watched “Hidden Figures” on the plane.
  • I got to Wolf Law and hung out and checked my email and then checked in at my dorm and have the most amazing roommate who is Caribbean! Eeeee! :D We immediately hit it off.

We went with a group to the Brewery

  • And had a lot of fun! We then decided it would be nice to walk back home.
  • We found a playground, and ended up on swings and slides and saw a raccoon, and almost ended up walking through a pond.

  • A totally academic guy doing un-academic things :D

I’m looking forward

  • The first day of the conf is tomorrow. I’m really excited.
  • I have to post that pic of Fare on a slide :D It’s pretty epic!

I have to do some Haskell and Rust

  • So tomorrow…most definitely!
Written on June 2, 2018