Saturday June 3rd

First Day of June Unbootcamp

Making a Study-Buddy App


  • This Unbootcamp is focused on creating a project and working together as a team. It’s for four Saturdays, pretty much all-day (9 to 6pm).

  • So getting used to making pull requests, merging and dealing with conflicts, coming up with ideas, using JavaScript, HTML and CSS to make a project.

So Firstly…

  • We did some brainstorming of ideas

  • First, we started with our original ideas

  • And drew possible scenarios for a User Page

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


Then, we implemented basic code for the first Mock-up of the Profile Page

  • Things we needed

Wrote some Code in CodePen

  • Translated to be pushed to the central Repo

And made a nicer Profile Page for User Sign-up/ Sign In

  • This is based on our Options (1, 2, 3)

Melanie and myself churned out this Page, based on Option 1.

  • The Cat would be a gif, essentially.


I solved Covfefe kata, along with two new friends, Allie and Kelly

function covfefe(str)

  if (str.includes("coverage"))
    var textTitle = "coverage"
    var str = str.replace(/coverage/g, 'covfefe');
  else {
    str = str + " covfefe";
    return str;

  • And…my 2000th commit today!


Things to do

  • My C++ quiz. Will be done tonight

  • Application for Coding for Product (do tomorrow)

Written on June 3, 2017