Saturday May 12th

NgGirls and a post before napping

I’m about to take a nap…

  • I came back from Mountain View around 6am, and finally unpacked and am heading to sleep.
  • I have a meeting at 1pm with my mentor in Dublin
  • I also have to meet my mentor at JPL for 6pm to see a Jazz show, part of which includes the Caltech jazz band :D

Yesterday was amazing!

  • I was one of 90 women chosen for Ng Girls, which is the workshop in the spirit of Django Girls, where we have mentors and work through learning Angular via a tutorial together.
  • This event was actually held at the Angular HQ at Google, and I got to meet the Angular team. One of the guys had a “memento mori” tshirt, and was really surprised when I asked him about it. Yup, that Northern Renaissance Art History class counted for something after all LOL. That stuff is really interesting and I really like multi-dimensional people.
  • I met some really amazing and supportive women. I was amazed that they saw me as really resourceful, and one of the senior engineers / mentors said that I was already doing really well, and to continue. I left feeling really energized. I hope to continue to stay in touch with these ladies; they were a pleasure to interact with and work with yesterday.

I then found a coffee shop

  • So during the workshop, we figured out that this particular coffee shop on Castro had “great wifi”, so I settled down around 6pm and started testing out the video chat for my 7pm meeting. Except, the wifi kept dropping. As it turns out, everyone in Silicon Valley had gotten the memo about the place “having great wifi”, so the place was packed and the wifi was saturated. So within 20 minutes, I ended up finding a nearby Peet’s and settled down there. Much better wifi and the video call with my GSoC mentor was fine.
  • In fact, it was great. We got a lot done even though one of my other mentors was unable to make it. Both of my mentors are incredibly patient, supportive, and just great people, so I’m really happy and excited to be working with them this summer!

Things we got done

  • We were able to fix a -Werror in CollaborationUI.hs that was aborting the build, and also get a clean install after fixing some previous errors like a colliding error in our modules (so we hid one) and match the otherwise case in an exhaustive pattern match. I have to push these changes to github and then make a pull request.

  • Tomorrow, I also hope to work on some Rust (based on feedback today and the task to perform this week via the 1pm meeting) and start working on the solidPolygon implementation function in Driver.hs so that it type checks.

And that’s about it!

  • Nap time! :D


  • I had a great meeting with my Rust Mentor! I’m going through the 2nd Edition of the Rust book this week, and my first official meeting starts on Monday, which is the welcome Meeting with my mentors and with Ashley :D
  • I also sat in on the PureScript Online Gathering, and I saw this fascinating example with Leibniz and Coyonedas and typechecking of errors in PureScript for Elm.
  • Oh, my GSoC mentors told me to take today off. So I sent my mom a Mothers’ day card and am going to Jazz with my mentor from JPL to listen to the Caltech jazz play :D
  • Oh yeah..that’s about it…for real this time.
Written on May 12, 2018