Saturday May 19th

GSoC and RustReach Day 6

I went to sleep after 1

  • Got to making a pull request in Haskell that was reviewed. I have some changes to make tonight and to get it all to type-check.
  • I got up around 9 and got my offer letter printed out, signed and scanned and emailed back. So that’s done and as long as I have my IDs and all that, I get my new badge and all that. I’m really happy it’s part-time with flexible hours, and the people seem really nice.
  • My house-sitting friend got back to me, and I can get the keys from him in the early afternoon Monday, as well as my stuff over, and then get to class. I don’t have to be in until Tuesday PM, so it all works. Wednesday is a bit tricky, but I can have it all done. And I have a dog again! :D

I also had a RustReach meeting!

  • Had another meeting with my mentor, Aaron. He’s going to the Paris Rust conference! I still haven’t pencilled any of the Rust conferences in; my goal right now is to just keep learning and get comfortable in Haskell and Rust. I’m on chapter 6 of the book, and he gave me some posts to read on the builder pattern, as well as some general formatting and clean code tips.

  • Also, there is a guy who is on our team who uses Rust and works for the DoD :O. Craziness! :D

Haskell work tonight!

  • Then I get up early Sunday and volunteer for two hours at a sailing booth.
  • Then I come back and do some Haskell and Rust!
  • Hopefully Monday AM I can do laundry and pack.
Written on May 19, 2018