Saturday September 16th

Green Card Approved

  • I got home today after working on some C programmes. I have some crypto programmes to do. Saw two envelopes in my mailbox.
  • First thought was “What does USCIS want…?”. Then I felt something like a bank card, and opened up the envelopes, and one of them said “Welcome to America”!
  • It’s pretty exciting stuff! It’s been a long time coming for me. I think one of these days, I could even write a book. It’s been a crazy, wild experience.

What this means

  • I have more freedom to travel
  • I can get a cheaper rate on my classes (currently paying as an international student!)
  • I can work with any company within the next few months
  • I can now officially intern with NASA, as long as they accept me (not all facilities, but certainly JPL).

Obligatory Slack Photo :)

  • The people at FP chat are like family to me. I was telling my mom that they’re like my big brothers!

  • Speaking of brothers…I can also now visit my brother in the UK. Of course, it will take a few months, but it’s certainly doable now!

Things coming up

  • Going sailing (today). It’s a day sail. I also have a race coming up (next week Sunday)
  • Do some C (this is helping me understand C++)
  • Finish up Nanodegree

And..that’s about it!

Written on September 16, 2017