Sunday August 12th

GSoC Day 91 and Published!

I published my retrospective for Google Summer of Code

  • You can find the article here
  • It’s been a long but satisfying experience, and I feel like I’ve grown so much!
  • I’m also a bit sad that it’s almost over.

I plan to continue

  • I’m already lining up (after this week, of course) projects that I can continue to work on, and I definitely plan on finishing up HBook. So those are the next steps.

It’s really late

  • But I worked on the final post with Chris one more time, then posted it to reddit, Twitter, Haskell-cafe and the CodeWorld-discuss sections.
  • I have a short week, but I have a lot to complete, including two assignments, and then do laundry on Tuesday PM before heading out. I’ll be sure to keep this blog up to date with all the different activities.

Until then….

Written on August 12, 2018