Sunday July 2nd

Mission got scrubbed!

Coding For Product Week 2

  • Was in class going through Frameworks and Databases and saw the SpaceX Mission got scrubbed to Monday. Oh well…

Learned some Bootstrap

  • We quickly built something in Bootstrap


  • Pretty simple and really quick for a cool mock-up
  • From a developer point-of-view, though, the copy and paste method looks like it can yield some ugly code.
  • Very different, from say, C++, where you’d have to think ahead of time what your system would look like, and plan from there (kind of top-down), instead of adding a chunk here and a chunk there, like a squirrel stuffing its cheeks with nuts! XP

Learned about Databases

  • This was actually my favourite! Enjoyed this a lot.

  • Was familiar with mySQL, Oracle and BigQuery, and a bit of Neo4j.

  • Databases just make sense to me :)



  • Write ax^2 + bx + c
y = (a * (x * x)) + (b * x) + c


  • check if in an array using only one loop
function check(a,x){
    return true
    return false
  • hadn’t seen this before..this is a Regex solution


  • Quadratic equation solutions…or else say “no solution”
import math
def quadratic(a,b,c):

      quad = ((b * (-1)) + (math.sqrt((math.pow(b, 2)) - (4 * a * c)))) / (2 * a)
      quad1 = ((b * (-1)) - (math.sqrt((math.pow(b, 2)) - (4 * a * c)))) / (2 * a)
      arr = []
      if quad1 == quad:
        return quad1
      return arr
      return "No real solution"

Update: I don’t enjoy UI

  • Working on some stuff for my group in Bootstrap. Granted, I’m learning, but this is my experience thus far. It just feels painful.

  • I guess you’d have to be a particular type of person to enjoy this stuff. Right now, that person is not me.

  • How in shiny tomatoes can there be a generalization about a particular gender liking UI? :(

  • I think I’d be miserable doing this all day long :(

Things to do

  • Udacity Nanodegree continue (I may start this on Monday).
  • Mock-up pages in Codepen
    • They would probably have the same look, more or less
    • Just different inputs here and there
Written on July 2, 2017