Sunday June 17th

GSoC and RustReach Day 35

This will be short

  • Firstly “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!”. Called mine and had a chat. I could talk to him for hours, or pretty much anyone from my family. I love ‘em! They keep me grounded and they always make me laugh.
  • I’m packed. I’m charging my phone and have my clothes set out, but I’m pretty much all good for my trip tomorrow, and checked-in. I’m really excited; the group of us looks good, and I’ll have a roommate.
  • I have a window seat to and back (phew). I won’t have my Shake Shack (wrong airline..that’s in July!), but I think this is the terminal with Dunkin’, so…haha. LAX is such a hot mess! Carry a good sense of humour with you because it’s a train wreck…very disorganized.
  • I’ll take a cup of attitude to go, please :D
  • I think I’m going to go to work in the morning for a few hours, because it’s one bus stop away from work, so it will be cheaper if I go in the morning and take the bus to the airport.
  • It’s going to be a six hour flight. Yikes. I thought it was five! I’m probably going to get internet and work on Haskell, to be honest. Makes no sense just doing nothing for six hours. I think I get in around 9:52pm or something. And my workshop (PLMW) starts the very next morning. The calibre of people affiliated with the conference is pretty amazing. I guess it’s also on the East Coast, but the list of my peers is pretty much Ivies…I saw Yale, MIT, UPenn, CMU, Princeton email addresses. I’m honoured but there is also so much I can learn from them. The dream would be to work in either Haskell or Racket for 5 years. Hmm..five years of Haskell would be amazing. I don’t think I’d speak English anymore..just Haskell. :D And I’d spend every summer working at a company that uses Haskell, or a lab or something. That or Rust would be fine. I’m enjoying Rust. But life-goals…Haskell, Rust, Racket. I guess that may make me unemployable to a lot of companies…uhhh. Ok.

I’ve been working on Rust

  • Today was a day of working on Rust. I think if I close my eyes right now, I can see compiler errors and warnings.

Other than that

  • Pretty good. I’m excited to get back into Haskell tomorrow. I also need to start digging into finding some more open source sites and updating HOSS. But that’s lower down in terms of priorities.

Today is pretty chill

  • So that’s about it for me. I got a lot of commits done yesterday, but there is still some clean-up before it’s merged to master.
Written on June 17, 2018