Sunday June 18th

Happy Father’s Day!

Working on my NanoDegree

  • So far, so good. I just submitted my first assignment, which will not be graded, but will receive feed back.

  • I also have a mentor, who is really nice.

  • It’s well-structured in that it tells you when you’ve submitted, and that within 24 hours you’ll get a review. This means that I need to do the assignment early, so I’m not standing around by the deadline wondering if it will be approved or not.


  • Not only did I pass my assignment, but what was more important to me was that the review was a really good one! When I say “good”, I mean that the reviewer pointed out what I did well, but also suggested that I don’t get into the habit of doing X or Y. That kind of stuff is really helpful to me so as I’m learning, I don’t fall into bad habits and will make me make an effort to correct myself and follow good practices.

  • Bonus: It was succinct and to the point. This person is probably a programmer :)

A first simple website

  • Yes, let’s forget that I’ve been doing Firebase and a bunch of other crazy stuff, and starting another workshop on Sundays. Everything helps, no matter how trivial.

  • I’m finishing up my Unbootcamp next week. So far, it’s been great, even though I’m not the biggest fan of JavaScript. I start another workshop next Sunday, which is about Coding for Product. Product meaning for the client.

  • When I say “not the biggest fan”, I mean that as much as I’m learning and of course, running into walls and learning as any other language, I don’t get excited by it and its possibilities, the way I do with something like Haskell or C++, or the expressiveness of Python for parsing data or numbers in Data Science.

  • I’m not really excited by the JS community, although I know it’s an important thing to know, so I treat it more-so as a tool.

  • I will, however, push along with JavaScript when I can, because it’s ubiquitious and very useful, and good for making things.

  • I’ll also continue with C++, Python and Haskell. And of course, you can’t keep me away from Category Theory and Lambda Calculus and all that jazz.

  • I’m thinking of investing in the Data Analysis/ Data Science path afterwards. This may be a good path for me. I seem to run into it again and again.

I added a favicon :)

  • This one is aptly called the “anti-favicon”.


And a background, even though we didn’t have to


And some images (this was required)


And learned how to add code (I already know how to do this in .md format)


I made some bullet points (also not required)


And here’s the code for adding code snippets (thanks, SO)

  • I used the <xmp> tag


I missed out a rad party

  • A couple people from my C++ Data structures class had a beer pong thing last night. I don’t drink, but I know because they’re all computer geeks, it would have probably included some great gaming.

  • I ended up watching a bunch of documentaries on the NRO, which manufactures, monitors and deploys aircraft and satellites for government surveillance

  • A bunch of NRO’s documentary footage is still classified, so about a third of their stuff is redacted

  • I also watched a couple ICBM documentaries. ICBM meaning Inter-continental ballistic missiles, btw.

Things I’d like to do

  • Visit Seattle

  • Visit the Museum of Flight museum, which has a Blackbird. Wicked sick, huh?

Written on June 18, 2017