Sunday June 3rd

GSoC and RustReach Day 21 and Lambda Conf Workshop


  • This was the first day of LambdaConf. The first presentation was by Paul. Paul was a part of my local Haskell group, and I know him quite well, so it was really cool to see him again at LambdaConf.

Typed FP on the Job: Why bother

  • Algebra on Type
  • A monad is: function that can possibly have an effect into a value
  • make everything a value
  • failure is a value so you have control over it
  • algebraic property: total function
  • “log failures of a Monadic function” taken from Reason (article)
  • know what code does before it runs as a developer
  • as a business, economically worthwhile

Tony’s Hop workshop : FP Data61 Course

  • I really really enjoyed this workshop.
  • defined w/ prefix h 55 88 vs infix 55 `h` 88
  • datatypes - uppercase
  • if starts w/ colon is infix position by default

  • Shape is algebraic data type: non overlapping patterns
  • data Natural = Zero | Successor Natural deriving (Eq, Show)
one = Successor Zero
two = Successor One

add :: Natural -> Natural -> Natural
add Zero y = y
add (Successor x) y = Successor (add x y)
data List t = Nil | t :. List t deriving (Eq, Ord) 
(t) binds tighter than cons (:.)
  • const a -> b -> a
  • :kind type of types is called its kind
  • monads: used so we don’t have to same code over and over again
  • All applicatives are functors
  • Applicatives at superclass have pure
  • Backus ‘77 “Can we be liberated from Von Neumann style?”

Keynote (Michael Stay)

  • Pi-calculus vs Rho-Calculus

  • I really really enjoyed this talk, also. I’m not into crypto, but it was fascinating. I also enjoyed the historical references (to Hilbert and Turing, Church and Leibniz).
  • Too bad his shop is in Scala, though :P
  • calculus - comes from pebble (counting with pebbles)
  • notation and method of applying that notation
  • reflective calculus
  • Hilbert if you could express a programme mathematically perhaps you could solve it mathematically.

  • lambda x . T-abstraction
  • stochastic pi-calculus (Microsoft paper)
  • RHO (Reflective higher-order) calculus
  • Ian Stark - categories between functors
  • structural type
  • behavioral type
  • Greg Meredith
  • distributed vs verified computing
    • distributed: slice into smaller bits, get different outputs
    • should have same result
Written on June 3, 2018