Sunday June 9th

C and a New Hackerspace

I started a new Internship last week

  • It’s quite different from the first one I completed. It’s very chill, and there is a lot of freedom. It’s fast paced, but everyone seems nice and supportive so far. Then again, it is just my first week :D

  • One thing that definitely is more surprising is that the hours are a lot better than my first internship. As in, I don’t know what to do with all the extra time - better. So uh..yeah. I do get to write Haskell daily, too, which is really great; I started on my first day, too. I hope to get better at this, but that’s the point of an internship.

I also joined a Hackerspace

  • The day I moved out of my Sunnyvale apartment, I moved into my new one in Russian Hill/Nob Hill-ish area. The person told me it was Russian Hill, but when I look it up it says Nob Hill, so I have no idea? It’s awesome, regardless, and I pretty much have the entire place to myself, at a great deal. I’ve already made friends with people at a nearby restaurant, where I can casually sit on a random evening and drink a glass of Moscato. So it feels very homey.

  • My commute is also pretty fantastic. It picks me up on the corner a block away, and drops me on the same block where I work, and it’s just one bus. Laundry also takes me max an hour, and is half a block away.

  • I joined a Hackerspace literally two blocks from where I work, which strangely had workshops in Haskell! I missed the first workshop, but have attended the second and third. They did not disappoint. I’ve since then made new friends and even learned how to write proofs in Haskell (or rather, am learning). The person running the workshop also promised to do more proofs with us and to even have us do some Agda, too. I’ve wanted to get into Agda, but the set-up is horrendous. So the person running the workshop promised to help me with that, too :)

So lots more free time

  • Yup. So I decided I’ll use this to pick up a course that does C but is about high-performnce computing. That course is about optimization using Linear Algebra. I’ve already started week one. I’m playing around with the idea of getting the certificate (it’s online).

  • And of course, dedicated time to get better at Haskell. The good thing is, since I am writing it daily and attending a Hackerspace, I can get double the feedback, so that would be great in helping me learn.


  • My hackerspace is also having nail-painting! I haven’t done anything like that in a long time, and I’m looking forward to that, and to meeting some new people.

So that’s my update for now

  • I haven’t really organized housing for Fall, yet, or organized packing up anything in LA, but I guess I’ll have to deal with that sometime? shrug
Written on June 9, 2019