Sunday March 14th

SUMS and PI Day

Happy PI Day

  • Today is Pi Day, or 3.14 or March 14th. It’s also Einstein’s birthday!
  • I’m sorry I keep writing it like it’s in Matlab or something :)
  • In celebration, Mathematicians all over the world have events that celebrate the day.
  • This year, I took part in SUMS, which is an event put on by the Maths and Applied Maths department Brown University. It was so awesome!!!
  • The theme this year was Maths and Illusion. So naturally, I had to attend, and to submit artwork.

The talks were amazing!

  • There was a talk on Random Graphs, one on Geometric Art, one on Deceptive Art and the last one was on Patterns in Number Theory. On top of that, there were student talks of various kinds related to the theme of Maths and Illusion, and even an Art exhibit, which I took part in this year! I would definitely take part in this awesome event again next year! It was a lot of fun! Best of all, my Cryptography teacher came to see my submission, which was so cool! I’m super thankful and I’ve been having an amazing Sunday.

Faculty Speaker Agenda

  • “The (one and only) Random Graph by Persi Diaconis
  • “The Art of Maths” by Chris Budd
  • “The Art of Deception - Encountering Perception as a Creative Material” by Shiry Ginosar
  • “Patterns in Number Theory - Misleading or True?” by Peter Sarnak

They displayed images and video pertaining to the theme here.

I took a snapshot of mine because they say that the page will be archived and saved, but I don’t know if the url might change.

This week

  • I’m mostly focusing on Cryptography and research with my advisor. I’m really enjoying both, and I’m super happy.
  • I’m also reviewing two papers this week, so that’s on my plate, as well, and a couple recruiting events.
  • I’m trying to pace myself, as I went to sleep after 4:16am, and got up around 9:55am, so I think that’s all from me for today.

And that’s it

Written on March 14, 2021