Sunday May 20th

MarinaFest, GSoC and RustReach Day 7


  • I went to sleep around 2:30am. I was really struggling with getting some code to type-check. Specifically, I really thought it was a Double, but I was able to get it to type-check by using a Bool value. I wonder if there’s a way to print out or trace directly specific values? I really felt like I was floundering and there was a lot of disbelief in my ability to complete the task by myself.
  • update I turned out to be a precedence problem so I was able to use (0 :: Double) to get it to work. I would have never figured that one out on my own. Thanks to Chris on that one! So the code is now refactored and merged, and hopefully I’ll be working on something new Monday AM.
  • I was able to also able to move on to Rust Chapter 6. It’s gotten steeper in terms of the learning curve. It’s like everything has gotten steeper.
  • I also have one assignment to complete for class, due on the 23rd. It’s silly, but I should do it. Again, straight from the textbook.

I got up at 5:30am

  • Headed to volunteer at Marinafest. I haven’t, as you may have noticed, been sailing. Just because things have been crazy, and programming is my first priority. I even had to turn down a race, but the captain likes me so he told me I’m up for the next one. So we’ll see. So I thought that this may make up for some of the time I haven’t been around. It was only for two hours or so, and everyone asked where I was and how I was, but

Here are some pics from the event!

A lovely dog…

Or two…

Who just wanted love…

Or a belly rub…

Tall ships!

A train

And a whale :D

I was so tired

  • I fell asleep for the entirety of the 45 to an hour long train ride from Santa Monica to downtown LA. Completely knocked out. :/
  • I guess I really want to push myself, but I also have a fair amount going on.


  • I’ll stay up and do some Rust and Haskell
  • Hopefully also either do laundry tonight or tomorrow and pack for house-sitting Tuesday night/ Wednesday night. Basically, I’m collecting the keys tomorrow afternoon and heading over by my friend Tuesday evening, but I need my two laptops and clothes for work on Tuesday, so..yeah..organization.
  • It would be nice sometime to just have normal-time to myself. Kind of like “what did you do this weekend?” “Oh nothing..just go out drinking with friends.” Comfortable life, you know? Maybe one day.
  • update: I’m really enjoying learning Haskell and Rust. Even though I’m sleep deprived (actually, just got up after crashing, fixed some errors, got my PR merged), I really couldn’t imagine a better summer.
  • Gabe is really teaching me some great engineering practices, and Chris is also picky about the final commit and formatting to his code; it’s consistent and has a good quality/ practices. I really, really appreciate this. It looks like it can get easy (especially in less-readable, less cleaner languages) to get really sloppy, really quickly. I want to avoid that, so this is really good. I like that Gabe emphasized committing early and often. That has really helped me in terms of clarity of my direction and in feedback my mentors can give me. I’m not committing a bunch of code that no one has seen, but taking it bit by bit as things work and not making assumptions. Seems like a smart thing I’ve been introduced to do. Lends itself to better team communication, and also shows the rest of the team you’re working.
Written on May 20, 2018