Sunday May 28th

On the Way Home

I’m still in the Airport

  • Very tired, but with some free time, hoping to finish up my Lambda Conf Experience.


  • I decided to do the tea-time, because it was best for my schedule.

  • I got to hang out with Lyle Kopnicky, who was cool enough to study Programming Language Theory for his Master’s. He was really interesting to talk to, and had some really great projects to show.

  • He basically made Vintage Basic, an interpreter for old school games in BASIC…in Haskell, which is amazing! This is just something he did for the fun of it! He’s a mutual friend to quite a few Haskellinos in our group, so we’ve run into each other again and again throughout the conference.

  • In the past, I was so stalking his Category Theory/ PDX Functional Programming group, though. Really great stuff!

Tea Time pics

  • This was at Dushanbe, which was gracious enough to provide us with a wonderful Tea Breakfast for LambdaConf Social pre-conference activities!

    Dushanbe’s Website in Boulder








Roommate Selfie

  • This was my roommate for the conference, Nikola. She is from Poland, and was invited to speak. It was wonderful having her as a roommate! We actually ended up in gates right next to each other, even though she flies to Frankfurt, and then to Warsaw.


Things to do

  • After laundry and rest, I have to:

  • Complete a quiz

  • Contribute to a discussion board

  • Work on C++ homework

  • Work on a C++ lab

Written on May 28, 2017